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This is Not a Shetland Shawl

This shawl is not a Shetland shawl.
This shawl does not use any mosaic knitting in it
I know, I know.
Why the heck did I call it Shetland Mosaic . . .

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The Perfect Yarn for This Gorgeous Lace Shawl

Your gaze sweeps the stark landscape of the Shetland Islands. Beautiful, small Shetland sheep dot the fields, grazing. Being a knitter, instead of sheep, your eyes see potential shawls.

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Shetland Knitting: Delicate Lace in a Rugged Landscape

Imagine pulling a whole shawl through an average woman’s wedding ring. Imagine intricate lace unfurling as the shawl is released from the constriction of the ring.

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How to Do a Centred Double Decrease on the Purl Side: 4 Variations

Learn to do the centred double decrease on the purl side row with 4 variations!