2023 Knit Every Day Calendar — Activities Ideas List

Here you will find lists of things to try for various daily knitting ideas. Websites are listed in alphabetical order. I considered adding more details to each entry,but decided to leave them out so that you can discover new things you might love, but would never ordinarily click.

Table of Contents

Blogs to Discover

Blogs are full of information, entertainment inspiration in a written format. The may also have visual and auditory elements to them. They are great resources. Explore on of the following blogs, then come into A Close Knit Community Free Group and let us know what you think.

Blogs are listed in alphabetical order.

The Aussie Knitting Co

Dances with Wool

Jeanette Sloan

Kidd and Co

Knit Grammer

Laura Nelkin Designs

Magda Makes

Never Not Knitting

A Passion for Lace

Patty Lyons

Tin Can Knits

Yarn Harlot

Audio Podcasts to Discover

Audio Podcasts are fantastic for knitters, because they leave your eyes available for your knitting while still informing, entertaining and inspiring you. Give episodes of these Podcasts a listen and then come into A Close Knit Community Free Group and share your favourite tidbit from one of the episodes.

For many of the podcasts, click on the title to play the episode. If a podcast has an unusual way to listen I mention it below.

Podcasts are listed in alphabetical order:

Commuter Knitting

Curious Handmade

I thought I Knew How

Imagined Landscapes

Knit Picks Podcast

Knit Lit Chicks Podcast

Knitmore Girls Podcast

Shiny Bees Podcast

Teaching Your Brain to Knit

VeryPink Knits


Yarniacs Podcast (Look for the links that say “Episode XXX audio”)

Video Podcasts to Discover

Video Podcasts are a knitter’s dream, while you may not be able to fully focus your eyes on your knitting while watching, you get to see all the beautiful yarns and projects podcasters are showing off. Once you have watched an episode or two of the podcast you choose, hop into ten and then come into A Close Knit Community Free Group and share one thing that inspired you from the podcast.

33rd Street Knits Podcast

The Brookwillow Knitting Podcast

EastLondonKnit Podcast

Fleece and Harmony

Fruity Knitting

Grocery Girls Podcast

Hive Knits & Natters

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

Knitting the Stash

Les Garçons

Not Quite Enough Yarn

Skeindeer Knits

Yarn Characteristics To Try

  • thinner than any yarns you have used before
  • fuzzier that any yarns you have used before
  • heavier than any yarn you have used before
  • a new-to-you animal fibre
  • a new-to-you plant fibre
  • a new-to-you synthetic (or manufactured) fibre
  • a new-to-you dye method
  • a new-to-you texture
  • a new-to-you colour
  • a new yarn construction
  • a yarn you would normally NOT knit with
  • a combination of more than one different yarn at once

Knitting Challenges to Take On

  • Knit something with a new to your fibre that you have been avoiding.
  • Knit a project with a size of needle you don’t usually use.
  • Use new-to-you cast on.
  • Use new-to-you bind off.
  • Knit a project using a different knitting method. (Continental, English, Portuguese).
  • Use a new kind of knitting needle configuration (4 DPNs, 5 DPNs, tiny circulars, extra long circulars, bent DPNs, flexible DPNs).
  • Knit something while watching your favourite show and do a yarn over and decrease every time a specific character talks.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and knit as many stitches as you can. Take a break and repeat to determine your fastest knitting speed.


This list will grow as new mini-blog posts are added!


This list will grow as new memes are published to my social media accounts.

My car is full of yarn meme.

Patterns in the Calendar

adventus scarf
Adventus Scarf
Kitties on My Lap Blanket
Kitties on My Lap Blanket
Gasket Hat
Gasker Hat
Mod Squares Blanket
Mod Squares Blanket
Shetland Mosaic Shawl
Shetland Mosaic Shawl
Alexandrite Shawl
Alexandrite Shawl
Pink Boomerang Shawl
Pink Boomerang Shawl
Going Postal Wrap
Going Postal Wrap
Sweet & Simple Blanket
Sweet & Simple Blanket
Plumed Cowl
Plumed Cowl

Pleated Rib Scarf
Pleated Rib Scarf
Norwegian Christmas Cracker
Norwegian Christmas Cracker

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