Solid color circles dance across the surface of a marled fabric, popping out in either colour in a seemingly random yet repeatable pattern, much like dancers moving around the dance floor. 

This scarf was inspired by Anna Maltz’s (SweaterSpotter) marlisle technique. I quickly saw the potential of something else in it and started playing. This scarf is one of the expressions of that something else.

Most of the scarf is simply knit with two different colored strands of yarn held together to make a lovely, squishy garter stitch fabric. The edges are two color I-cord with the yarns interlocked to join them like in any intarsia. The magic comes in the stockinette motifs that pop out of the background in only one of the colors, as opposed to the marled combination. A little bit of double knitting achieves a different colored, solid motif on either side of the fabric.

This is a perfect introduction to both intarsia and double knitting. You will barely realize you are learning new techniques as they are simple and such a tiny part of this piece, you will think of them as just another instruction.

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