Going Postal Wrap (Shawl)

Striking texture and lace stitches meld two yarns into a subtle play of colours over this nubby yet drapey rectangular shawl.

The knitting is straightforward enough for social or TV knitting, yet unusual enough to be interesting!

The centre-out wrap starts with a provisional cast on and works out to one end, ending with a border and a decorative edge. The other half starts at the provisional cast on and is knit the same way as the first, but with the main colour and contrast colours reversed.

While intended to be worn purl side facing out, the project is fully reversible and looks good from either side. Perfect for a wrap where both sides often show.

To achieve a similar look to the wrap pictured, choose a solid yarn with similar tones to the variegated yarn. This creates a subtle colour effect where at first glance you don’t even realize that two yarns are used.

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