In my last post I wrote about the amazing test knitters that helped to make the Grasker Hat pattern better. But they are not the only people who make my designs and my life better. There is my ever supportive family, my son and especially my husband, who hears about the designs, gets asked endless rhetorical questions about them and even does an initial but thorough proof read of some of my work.

There are my delightful fellow knitters, students and staff at my LYS, Yarns Ewe’ll Love. They are always supportive and a source of constant inspiration.

There is also my super Tech Editor, Madeleine Susan, who ensured that the pattern is correct and complete.  She checked to make sure that all the figures and words worked and she did it quickly and efficiently.

My amazing model Casey, who is clearly a natural born model and with whom I had a ton of fun during the photo shoot. She made the hat look so great.


And my friend, KrisBKnits who inspired this design in the first place. And to all of my other wonderful, caring friends.

As I am working on the last little bits to make sure everything is ready to roll on Tuesday, September 19, I am so thankful for this supportive network. Without them this pattern would never have come to pass.

Thank you all! I cannot express my gratitude enough to all of you!

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