Summer is a wonderful time to knit with thinner, cooler yarns. I love knitting with fine lace weight and fingering yarns throughout the year and in the summer, I rarely knit with anything else. But as the weather gets cooler, I get the longing to knit with thicker yarns, with more squish, loft and warmth.

Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted is a lighter weight worsted yarn that is squishy and cozy and delicious to knit with. It creates a warm hat,
especially when you knit it in colourwork with the extra layers of yarn floats.

So, you have your hands on a delightful, cuddly yarn and you have some knitting needles cleared off and raring to go, now what . . .? Well, I just happen to have the perfect project for you to dig your needles into. I know, what a coincidence!

Projects Knit- My designs - 1 of 1.jpg

The Grasker Hat is a cushy hat that is fun to knit and to wear.  I used Rowan Pure WoolSuperwash Worsted in a cream, and two shades of teal, but any three shades that you love will make a great hat as long as there is enough contract between the colours. One easy way to ensure that your colours will have enough contrast is to take a black and white photo (mono)like the one at the left . Most phones have an easy setting when taking the photo, or you can edit the photo to create a black and white copy after taking the picture. Looking at the photo will easily tell you if you have enough contrast between the three colours to really make your hat pop!

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