Inspired by Icelandic designs, this hat was designed for a friend who saw an Icelandic style hat at a Halloween pumpkin based event and wished she had bought it. In honour of this, the hat is named after the Icelandic word for Pumpkin.

Three colours of superwash light worsted weight wool are used to create this hat. It is knit brim up with a twisted rib for extra beauty and elasticity.

Small needles are used to create a firm, warm fabric with a snug gauge. It is especially important to swatch for this hat or to adjust for the stitch count if you are knitting the hat at a different gauge.

The pattern has charts in the original colourway, written instructions and alternative grey scale charts for working the colourwork in whatever colours you prefer.

It is not necessary to print all the pages, read through the pattern and print only the pages that make sense to you.

The samples was knit in Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted, though other worsted yarns can be used. I recommend a yarn with a high wool content for warmth and durability.

Instructions for working with two and three colours for the stranding and for double blocking are included. If you prefer to only work with two colours of stranding, alternative instructions are included. Double blocking instructions are also included to create an extra smooth finished project that retains the elasticity of the knitted fabric.

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