You’ve take the Knitting Personality Quiz! Yay! But how does this fun little factoid affect your life? How does having taken this quiz make your life better?

Read on to find out!

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Knitting Quiz results add a bit of fun!

Knowing your knitting personality type is a fun conversation starter at your next knitting get together. You and your friends can compare your results and nod your heads knowingly when the results confirm your suspicions. Or you can analyze why you didn’t see it before when the results surprise you.

Your knitting personality can help you decide on the perfect purchases when you go shopping! I complied a list of the perfect purchases for each personality type:

In addition to adding a bit of fun to your life, your results can have more important benefits as well.

Knitting Personality Quiz results can help you make better decisions

Your knitting personality gives you valuable information to help you understand your knitting habits, preferences and areas where you might need a bit of support.

This can help you decide on

Which areas of knitting to focus on and what to avoid

Zen Knitters, you know that you love to work on projects that keep you in the “Zone.” This might mean that you are less likely to expand out of your current comfort zone. If you want to grow as a knitter, you may need to focus on broadening you horizons.

Productive Knitters, you can get through projects efficiently and you are always knitting for others. That is awesome! You may need some support with starting (and finishing) projects for yourself and with saying no to some of the gift knitting that you do.

Monogamous Knitters are amazing at focusing on one project at a time and seeing it through to the end. Many of the rest of us are just a tiny bit jealous. But if you get stuck on a project, you may not be able to knit until you solve the issue. If you are in a situation where the project you are working on is too complex to work on or is not engaging enough to take your full attention, you may get frustrated. You may need some support with expanding to two or (dare I say, even) three current projects so that you have something two switch to under any of those conditions.

Busy Bee Knitters are so versatile. Your ability to adapt and your impressive stash are, well, impressive. You may need a bit of support with focus and with your shiny object syndrome. Perhaps you shouldn’t take a look at those lists of perfect knitting supplies until you finish a project or two.

Which projects to say yes to and which ones to pass on

Knowing you knitting personalty can also help you decide which projects to take on and which one to say no to.

No matter what your knitting personality type, we all get attracted to new and exciting projects. Before embarking on these new projects, it may benefit you to think about the implications of any project on your personality type.

For example, all knitting personality types may get drawn to a beautiful knitted lace weight wedding gown, but taking on that project may affect them in different ways.

Productive knitters may find that such a project interferes with all the other projects they want to make.

The Monogamous Knitter may find the project a bit too long to work on monogamously. If she takes it on, she might feel conflicted.

The Busy Bee Knitter may start the project with great enthusiasm, but that excitement may shift to something else (or many something elses), long before even the first piece of the wedding gown is finished.

A Zen knitter may find such an extensive project may require some deadline knitting and may find that at odds with her personality.

No project if off limits to any personality type, but it is worth examining how any given potential project may affect and be affected by your personality type.

What kind of supplies to stock up on (or not)

Depending on your personality type, you may choose to lean towards some kinds of yarns and away from others. You may also lean towards some kinds of supplies and away from others.

This does not mean you shouldn’t buy things that don’t adhere to these tendencies, but it means that when you have the opportunity to stock up, it might help you make some wise decisions if you consider your knitting personality type.

Again, the supplies and materials lists I have created for you might help you to think this through.

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