When we knit, we rarely pay attention to all that your needles and the yarn do as you make even a single stitch. We just make the stitches automatically as our minds think about other things.

Instead of doing that today, slow your knitting right down and pay attention to each tiny movement, each step, each element of the a singles stitch.

Notice where the needles are, the needle tips, the yarn, your fingers, your hands . . .. There are so many elements that come together to create a single stitch, start paying attention to them, one by one.

Pay attention to one element. movement or step for several stitches, moving in slow motion to give yourself maximum time and space to really pay attention.

Make several more stitches, focusing on the next element. And so on.

This might be an amazing thing to journal about to get a better understanding of your knitting and of your relationship to that knitting.

Meknitation – pronounced with a short “e”, rhymes with meditation.

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