How your yarn feels makes a big difference in your knitting experience so it’s important to explore it. This is your chance to explore how the yarn feels as it moves through your fingers as you knit.

This MeKnitation is one of a series of short knitting meditations to help you slow down, relax, get in touch with and explore your knitting. To find other posts in this series, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Take a few minutes to sit, relax and focus on how the yarn feels as it slides between your fingers as you are knitting. As a result of taking this time on a regular basis, you will become a better, more thoughtful knitter and you will better understand which yarns you want to work with and which you don’t.

Then, describe the feeling to yourself. Is it smooth? Rough? Silky? Prickly? Squishy? Squeaky? Rustic? Slippery?

How do you react to the feel of the yarn? Do you like the feel of the yarn or not? Does it soothe you? Excite you? Connect you with the earth? Make you feel sophisticated? What other feelings come out as you feel this yarn slide through your fingers as you are knitting?

Is this a yarn that you enjoy? What about the yarn do you enjoy? At the same time, what is interfering with your enjoyment?

If you feel inclined to so do, journal about these feelings and thoughts so that you have a record of them.

Repeat this MeKnitation regularly, especially when you are working with a new yarn.

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