How your knitting needles sound may not have a profound effect on your knitting (unless you are knitting in an otherwise silent room), but that sound is a part of the whole knitting experience. When you pay attention to the tiny details of life and of knitting, you become more mindful and more in touch with your life and your knitting.

This MeKnitation is one of a series of short knitting meditations to help you slow down, relax, get in touch with and explore your knitting. To find other posts in this series, click on the word MeKnitations in that categories list at the bottom of the post.

Take a few minutes to sit, relax and focus on how the sound your knitting needles make as you knit. Do your needles make a swishing sound or is the sound closer to a clicking? Is it a smooth sound or a rasping sound? Does the sound have any musical undertones? How would you describe the sounds to someone who cannot hear them?

Pay attention to the rhythm of the sounds that the needles make. That is the rhythm of your knitting. Is this a soothing rhythm?

Then, describe the sound to yourself. Is it smooth? Rough? Silky? Prickly? Squishy? Squeaky? Rustic? Slippery?

Take some time to change the rhythm of the sound. How does this sound? How does it make you feel

Pull out your journal and write down your answers to the questions. Keep writing about the sound of the needles and your knitting.

Repeat this MeKnitation regularly, especially when you are using different needles.

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