December is a time of frantic gift knitting, at least for many of us!

During the first part of December, I will share some patterns for quick and easy lace knit scarves. Each Aran weight scarf takes less than a day to knit (really!) and I am not a particularly fast knitter.

Other versions take more or less time depending on

  • yarn weight,
  • needle size,
  • scarf width and length and
  • knitter’s speed.

To make these scarves, you cast on, do a few edge rows, then knit the same row lace row repeatedly to the edge stitches and cast off at the end.

In acrylic yarn, these are a great machine washable gift. If you knit them in wool or another natural fibre that can be blocked, you will have an even lovelier and more beautiful lace scarf for your efforts.

Striped scarf laying a pale surface.

Quick and easy One-Row Lace Scarf 1.

Beige lace scarf laying on a dark green background

Quick and Easy One-row Lace Scarf 2

Here are some sneak peeks:

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