Woman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowlWoman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowlYou want something warm and snuggly. You want something elegant too. AND you don’t want to have to struggle with the pattern. You want something that will be easy to knit and impress the heck out of your friends.

You have found it!

The Plumed Cowl has a stitch pattern reminiscent of feathers (plumage) and of a trail of smoke billowing up from a chimney or campfire (plume).

This pattern makes a cowl/snood/shoulder warmer. To achieve all three, there is a lot of negative ease (about 20-30%). The model has a 92 cm (36″) bust and the yellow version she is wearing the middle size. You can make a cowl of any size by adjusting various pattern and yarn elements. I give guidelines to adjust size within the pattern.

The pattern uses Aran weight yarn. Given the sizing information within the pattern, you can easily change the yarn weight (and needle size) to make this in any weight of yarn.

Easy to Knit

The pattern is rather easy to knit. It has detailed instructions so that even a relative beginner can make the cowl. More seasoned knitters can follow the simple pattern while chatting with friends.

“I enjoyed working on this project. The pattern is easy to memorize yet unique and creates a very pretty textures.” – mayasa7272

The Plumed Cowl pattern is suitable for someone who can knit in the round and has done some lace. Or you can use the pattern as an opportunity to learn these techniques if you are a bit adventurous. Uncommon stitches (k4tog and ssssk) are introduced in the pattern. No worries though. I give really easy variations that a beginning knitter can master quickly.

Woman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowl Woman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowl Woman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowl


Woman in the woods wearing a lace knit cowl

I would love to see the Plumed Cowl in a lace-weight version knit with finer needles or a  big jumbo yarn version knit with size 50 needles. Please let me know if you attempt either one!

If you were to make your own version of the Plumed Cowl, what yarn would you use and what weight is that yarn?

Please be sure to let me know if you create a Plumed Cowl, especially if it is with yarn other than Aran weight. Post any in-progress or finished project photos to Instagram or Facebook. Use the tags #PlumedCowl and #MagdaMakes or  #MagdaMakesDesigns so that we can all see your projects and cheer you on!

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