Congratulations! Being a Busy Bee Knitter is an wonderful thing. For Busy Bee Knitters, your knitting tools and materials need to be fantastic. They are often what spur you on.

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You are the ultimate versatile knitter! You love to do all the things: to flit from one project, one technique, one yarn to another and another and another! You’ve tried just about every technique that you can find and have started projects with almost every one of them. You have a massive stash of yarns, projects in your queue and ideas.

Here is a list of beautiful items specially chosen for the Busy Bee Knitter!
Use this shopping list for yourself, or send a link to this page to your loved ones so they can shower you with the perfect gifts.

Perfect yarns for the Busy Bee Knitter

These yarns are particularly fun and exciting. These yarns will spark your imagination and flare your creativity.

Fabulous knitting tools for Busy Bee Knitters

These beautiful and seriously cool supplies will make knitting more fun (and be more gentle on your hands as you try all the things! And the project bag may help remind you to finish off all those half-done projects.

The best knitting tools and materials for the other knitting personality types

Each knitting personality type is drawn by slightly different knitting tools and materials. To find an ideal shopping list for each kind of knitter, check these posts:

If you don’t know your knitting personality type yet

If you want to know which knitting personality type you are, you can take the “What kind of knitter are you?” quiz and find out!

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