Congratulations! Being a Productive Knitter is an wonderful thing. For Productive Knitters, your knitting needles and supplies have be durable but beautiful. Your yarns generally need to be machine washable, practical and affordable so that you can spread knitted joy to more people.

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You are a productive knitter. Knitting is your passion and you knit for your family, friends, pets and lucky strangers. While you finish lots of projects, you long to sit and look at piles of all the things you have knit over time, except that the knits never stay long enough. You give them away as quickly as you knit them!

Here is a list of beautiful items specially chosen for the Productive Knitter!
Use this shopping list for yourself, or send a link to this page to your loved ones so they can shower you with the perfect gifts.

Perfect yarns for the Productive Knitter

These beautiful, durable, yet affordable yarns will make beautiful gifts for everyone on your list.

Fabulous Tools for Productive Knitters

These colourful needles will make choosing the right size for your current project a breeze! The project planning kit will keep you organized and have all your necessary tools at hand and that project bag just about says it all.

The best knitting needles and supplies for the other knitting personality types

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If you don’t know your knitting personality type yet

If you want to know which knitting personality type you are, you can take the “What kind of knitter are you?” quiz and find out!

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